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Lien Services for routine or occasional use.
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Seasoned construction professionals and companies just starting out know profit margins depend on the ability to collect their contract price. Today’s contractor must be vigilant; there are many pitfalls and surprises to quickly turn what should be a profitable project into a loss.

Advantage Lien Protection provides a lien right security program that is not expensive or complicated. Our Service order notice and claim procedures are structured for the small one-person operation or the large subcontractor or material supplier. Clients may call upon us to employ routine lien right protection for all jobs or for the occasional payment problem.

Our basic service is straightforward; provide us common job information by fax or email;
WE TAKE CARE OF research, verification, preparation and delivery of your Preliminary Notices (Preliens), Notices of Intent and Lien or Bond Claims.

  1. Advantage Lien Protection offers your company the means to quickly and easily utilize the security and legal recourse of lien rights for timely, proper payment.

  2. Advantage Lien Protection provides a cost effective service and low fees assuring substantial savings over other services, attorneys, or doing the work yourself.


24/7 online programs put construction lien information and ACTION at the fingertips of the professional contractor or material supplier. Fast, easy and cost effective tools to manage and utilize construction lien rights.


  • Service Orders Start or continue any action on all private or public job, residential or commercial. Place an order for a PRELIEN (IDENTIFICATION/FURNISHING NOTICE), INTENT TO LIEN, LIENS, COLLECTION or LEGAL -all done in about 4 minutes!
    • ALP then takes care of the research, documentation, service, filing & copies for you!
  • Reminder Reports These comprehensive reports are a convenient online check of a job's lien protection status, its notice deadlines, waiting periods, suit deadlines and more. Open jobs are easy to track and update from any computer to help avoid overlooked projects.
  • E-Lien Alert This auto-email feature calculates dates and notifies our clients on a job-by-job basis in advance of a critical event. Warning reminders are emailed at preset trigger days prior to a deadline.
  • DateWatcher©™ A fast way for the serious user to track lien right deadlines on any, or ALL projects without creating a Notice -JUST KEEP TRACK. Get email notification of critical cut-off dates in order to take timely action. Yearly subscription service.
  • WaiverBuilder©™ Custom, personalized, ready to give waivers for on the go contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Exchange job data between open ALP Service orders, DateWatcher or new jobs. Unlimited use! Yearly subscription. Combine with DateWatcher for additonal savings!
  • Construction Notice Xchange©™ Ready to Serve Preliens! Lowest cost and fastest way for the Do-it-Yourselfer! Enter only the job information necessary for the particular Prelien, Preliminary Notice, Notice of Furnishing etc. and print out your customized document, with your logo if you wish!
  • The Library A Members favorite! Lien rights and collection answers, strategy tips, attorney opinions, news articles, timelines, forms & charts for many construction situations.


  • Post-Lien Action The vast majority of liens are paid, as owners much prefer to reach a settlement than face additional Court and collection costs -and likely lose. This program results in closure for a high percentage of cases.

    If a Lien or other debt is NOT Paid? Most State Statutes commonly provide the lien holder with the option to begin foreclosure as a means of lien enforcement. The specific details and circumstances of the case will determine the most effective route.

  • Legal Support If an issue ever calls for an attorney, a Client is always free to consult with their own or, if they choose, we can easily forward the case into a nation-wide network of familiar attorneys specialized in construction law and collection matters.
  • Collections Other job debts and lien recovery claims are expedited through ALP affiliated credit/collection professionals specialized in conventional & advanced collection techniques.

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