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Lien Services for routine or occasional use.
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Construction (Mechanic's) Lien Services

Advantage Lien Protection Helps You Get Paid!

Lien right legislation has been enacted in all states to provide the means for contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers and other construction professionals to get paid. Most states now mandate notices for consumer awareness for new construction and remodeling projects.

Practical Lien Right Support for Your Business.

As Lien notices are required or questions arise, its valuable to have an expert on hand to assure those rights are secure. Advantage Lien Protection is familiar with all requirements and backed up by experience, tested procedures and proprietary lien software for instant tracking of every job, every step of the way. Our goal is to help our clients protect their lien rights quickly, easily and reliably so they can focus on what they do best - taking care of their clients!

Why Use Advantage Lien Protection?

We make sure Notices and Claims are done right! Navigating the maze of statutory lien notice requirements for the small or large business is a technical, time consuming and laborious task. We know your lien rights rely on diligent attention to detail, accurate and up-to-date jobsite information, prescribed format and content followed by timely delivery and recordings. Advantage Lien Protection is familiar with the best way to administer the process and take care of the task.

Lien Protection When You Want It!

Unexpected delays and short or missed construction payments create unnecessary risk, lost time and money for the construction professional. Through a simple fax or email, Advantage Lien Protection subscribers can easily have lien right protection to reduce or eliminate these payment problems. When we're called upon, we take care of the required Lien right notices so you can keep this valuable legal payment tool handy.

Job Research and Verification.

Is the most important service we provide for clients. We are not a fill in the blanks outfit. Each Service order submitted goes through a stringent discovery process to locate and define current property owner(s) and job site descriptions. Every job, no matter the size, receives personal attention to make sure lien rights are protected in the best way possible!

How does the Service work?

Simply send a completed service order by fax or online form and we go to work. First, we gather pertinent jobsite details through a network of resources. After everything is assembled and reviewed for accuracy we draft the requested notice and take care of its delivery or filing. Then we store all pertinent paperwork in our job file and send your copy at no charge.

Advantage Lien Protection Notices.

Our documents represent your business and great care in taken to make sure of a professional appearance and presentation. Custom documents are clear, concise and satisfy all requirements to support a valid Lien Claim.

  • Preliminary notices. Our Preliens are easy to read and typically include a tactful cover letter. We explain the importance of lien rights to the construction process and how receipt of a Prelien is beneficial for the owner, as well as a requirement for construction professional. (In fact, quite often after owners discover the value of Prelien notices they ask for notices from other contractors on their project!).
  • Notice of Intent. This is a warning to the property owner that a serious payment problem exists. Along with impressing the urgency to resolve a payment issue and the likely consequence of non-payment, Advantage Lien Protection Notices are polite and to the point. If earlier payment requests went unheeded, it will be clear you are serious about getting paid and hold a compelling collection advantage.
  • Lien Claims. Many critical details, support documents and receipts must be assembled, drafted, and filed with the proper court within deadline for a valid claim. This set of documents must be complete with all "I's" dotted and "T's" crossed to withstand challenge. Every detail of this document along with prior notices needs to be reviewed and examined. This is not an area for a novice. Responsibility for this final step should be given to someone familiar and comfortable with requirements.

How you can keep track of job notices and deadlines.

It is a distinct business advantage to have an expert available as lien right protection questions arise and notices are required. Details of every notice we have done for you is simply a mouse click or fax away. Subscribers can visit our secure website whenever convenient, 24/7, or use the monthly Reminder Report to check critical deadlines, update jobs details or take further action. The service is designed to help you avoid any notice from being overlooked.

What does the Service cost?

There is a one-time client origination fee and a published fee for any notice we provide. There are NO yearly fees, notice minimums or surprise fees for basic service. Substantial savings are available to frequent Prelien users in the Prepaid Preliens program. By using our Internet pay program you can both reduce fees and save office time.

Great! How do I get started with ADVANTAGE LIEN PROTECTION?

Just call our office at (414) 529-5878 for more service information or to open an account. If we are not immediately available, please give the best time for us to call back and your call will be returned within 24 hours. Advance enrollment and service order forms are available for download and can be submitted on our website.

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